Monday, December 19, 2011

Give yourself a Christmas gift: Learn how to budget for the New Year (video)

The Nutcrackers are hard at work, but their boss is cracking the whip and paying them peanuts. All while expecting them to crack peanuts -- which you don't even need nutcrackers to open! Still, he's buying them "The Easy Budget" to manage the meager wages he's paying them, as seen in this Christmas-themed video.

If you still have a friend who needs a gift and he or she is on a tight budget, download "The Easy Budget" from, or iTunes. Or if it is  you who is on a budget -- and if it is, you know you are on the Nice List -- ask for it in your own virtual stocking. It's only $4.99.

And keep coming back to this blog for free money-saving tips.

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