Thursday, December 16, 2010

Other 'Easy Budgets' reviewed: iPhone app, PDF file

Since titles aren't copyrightable not everything with the same name is related.

We noted a few days ago that an iPhone app called "Easy Budget" ($1.99 by Easy App World, screenshot pictured) isn't related to the e-book sold here, and we promised to buy the app and review it for you.

Result: We couldn't make head nor tails of it. We're not saying the app isn't good, but there were no instructions and we didn't find it intuitive enough that we could figure out its workings on our own. (If you've tried the app and like it, email us at owentew {at} gmail, or leave a comment on this blog entry, and we'll pass the word on to readers.)

Two reviewers at iTunes loved the app, one giving it 4 stars, the other 5. Comments were "Simple to use and very useful. Great graphics too!" and "IT'S WONDERFUL APP."

If it does work well, it would be a perfect complement to our ebook for those who prefer not to use pencil and paper or a purse full of labeled envelopes.

Another "Easy Budget" we've run across is "Easy Budget Blueprint." It's a 23-page PDF file that sells for $19.95. We didn't buy "Easy Budget Blueprint" because we didn't know the seller, but there are VeriSign Trusted and McAfee Secure labels on the purchase page. If you've bought the product and would like to give us a review, follow the instructions from the previous paragraph.

We do feel, however, that there can't be any better instruction than our own "Easy Budget" ebook, which can be bought through, and iTunes and is one-fourth the cost. (We're not knocking competitors -- just trying to give you all the facts. If we hear a good review of the product, we'll be happy to let you know.)

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

'Easy Budget' press release

CONTACT: owentew {at} gmail {dot} com

$4.99 from, Barnes and and iTunes

In a tough economy, more people are paying down credit cards and trying to live within a budget. It can be hard to start if you don’t have practice or discipline. That’s where “The Easy Budget: How to Always Have the Money You Need” by Owen Tew comes in. This handy, must-have ebook will help readers get their personal budgets together by getting down to the basics of money management.

Author Owen Tew knows from personal experience that household finances can be tamed without having advanced money knowledge. This book helps prioritize and implement a plan that works.

At only $4.99, this affordable ebook, published through ebookstalktome, contains thoughtful advice that can help readers rest easier because they know exactly where every penny of their money is going.

The author has taken a topic he knows a great deal about and organized it in instructive ways. Readers won’t get lost in jumbled financial terminology. Here’s a budget that doesn’t require software, a computer or a lengthy book about the philosophy of money management — and the best thing is — it works!

Paring down the concepts of money management to its essence, “The Easy Budget” implements the best of finance fundamentals to enable a person to pay bills, plan for future expenses or those that are unexpected. It’s easy to get started immediately. There’s no need to read through a 300-page tome with thick financial terminology. Reading those books can come later, but just to get the ship sailing in the right direction people need the basic equipment, and this ebook is it.

“The Easy Budget,” available for the Amazon Kindle and ereaders that read .epub formats, including Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Apple’s iPad. It can be read on e-readers, PCs or Macs.

If you are a member of the press or write a blog and would like a review copy or to interview the author, contact owentew {at} gmail {dot} com. Specify Kindle or .epub version. .Epub may require free download of Adobe Digital Editions; the address is


The addresses to purchase the book are:

Barnes and


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'The Easy Budget' eBook now on iTunes

For those who have been waiting, you now can buy "The Easy Budget" eBook on iTunes. You have to be on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and logged in to iTunes to find it. So if you want to read it on your Mac laptop or desktop computer the best bet is the Barnes & Noble version. Then download the free Adobe Digital Editions reader to see it. (This also works perfectly well with a PC.)

An iTunes search will also bring up an app called "Easy Budget" and "Easy Budget Lite." These apps are unaffiliated with "The Easy Budget" eBook, but our staff is testing out the app and we'll let you know on a recommendation soon.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Read a sample of 'The Easy Budget'

With a free online chapter being all the rage these days, we've decided to let folks have a free look at "The Easy Budget." But since the book isn't extremely long, that much would pretty much give it all away. So here's the first page as viewed on a desktop computer. Click on the image to enlarge. (Click again if that's not large enough.)

As always, you can buy it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes.

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