Thursday, December 16, 2010

Other 'Easy Budgets' reviewed: iPhone app, PDF file

Since titles aren't copyrightable not everything with the same name is related.

We noted a few days ago that an iPhone app called "Easy Budget" ($1.99 by Easy App World, screenshot pictured) isn't related to the e-book sold here, and we promised to buy the app and review it for you.

Result: We couldn't make head nor tails of it. We're not saying the app isn't good, but there were no instructions and we didn't find it intuitive enough that we could figure out its workings on our own. (If you've tried the app and like it, email us at owentew {at} gmail, or leave a comment on this blog entry, and we'll pass the word on to readers.)

Two reviewers at iTunes loved the app, one giving it 4 stars, the other 5. Comments were "Simple to use and very useful. Great graphics too!" and "IT'S WONDERFUL APP."

If it does work well, it would be a perfect complement to our ebook for those who prefer not to use pencil and paper or a purse full of labeled envelopes.

Another "Easy Budget" we've run across is "Easy Budget Blueprint." It's a 23-page PDF file that sells for $19.95. We didn't buy "Easy Budget Blueprint" because we didn't know the seller, but there are VeriSign Trusted and McAfee Secure labels on the purchase page. If you've bought the product and would like to give us a review, follow the instructions from the previous paragraph.

We do feel, however, that there can't be any better instruction than our own "Easy Budget" ebook, which can be bought through, and iTunes and is one-fourth the cost. (We're not knocking competitors -- just trying to give you all the facts. If we hear a good review of the product, we'll be happy to let you know.)

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