Sunday, October 17, 2010

Creative gift-giving on a budget

How do you figure gift-giving into your budget?

Some people set up specific accounts, like Christmas clubs of the past. I've opted to use my budget, which doesn't designate specifically to gifts, so I'm forced to be creative.

In my case, I've got lots of money left over in the Food and Clothing categories -- so if you're on my gift list you can expect something to wear or something to eat. (Food-related items work, too: dishes, etc.)

Since I have no young children to buy for this works out, but obviously I'd have to find a way to get toys if I had kids making desperate pleas.

Usually, your Miscellaneous fund will take care of you here, but if not you'll have to look into Entertainment or other areas. If you're flush with cash in your Auto/Travel fund try a gas station gift card.

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