Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why do you have zero in Miscellaneous?

Q. I noticed in the picture of your own budget in the e-book that you dedicate zero dollars to the Miscellaneous category, and you also have a category labeled Biz that has zero dollars even though you have money in those categories. Why is that?

My own Miscellaneous comes out different from week to week because some of the monthly bills I pay come from that category. Some of those bills are irregular, making my budget come out wrong. I just put zero there, and count things out once I've been to the bank. Using this method, I end up with more in my pocket than my budget shows, so I just add however much extra money I have to Miscellaneous.

As to the Biz category, I take 10 percent of any money I make from freelancing and re-invest it there. Since I don't take any of the money from my regular paycheck for that category, it says "0" at the top.

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